Machine House Central District

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1315 E. Jefferson St.
Seattle, WA 98122
(Capitol Hill)


Open Mon - Fri, 11am - 11pm; Sat - Sun, 7am - 11pm

Handpumped Cask Beers: 9
Keg Taps: 11
Bottles/Cans: 5

Beers: Nine Machine House cask beers, one guest beer, and a cider.


One-of-its kind pub, serving some of the best casked ales in the Pacific Northwest - certainly the most authentic. Machine House never did beers the easy way, opting for English-style cask ales in a world of CO2-keg craft brews. That this pub is even open is an accomplishment. It's a simple, relatively unadorned single-room beer bar, and the main attraction are those handpumps rising proudly behind the bar. Nine of them. This is a do-not-miss.

Don says

Do not miss this pub. That's all. This isn't a simulation of cask beers, as is all too often the case with craft-brew re-racked pseudo-"cask" beer. This is the real deal, and the beers are based on classic British ales, with some updated local influence. Brewer Bill Arnett has stuck to his guns, producing wonderfully subtle cask ales without compromise.

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